Moisturizing Myths

The folks around here are very familiar with the concept of moisturizing. For me personally moisturizing has always been more of a touch and go subject as I’ve always been told against it because of my oily disposition. What I misunderstood all these years was actually the simple fact that they were wrong/misinformed. What they had been telling me all those times was actually a myth that had been going around that had gotten way too much traction. The real advice they should have been giving me was that since my skin is oily I should be using an oil-free moisturizer. When I figured that little bit of information out I immediately wanted to go and figure out what other myths I had been misinformed with or perhaps other people had been.

One myth that many people had been buying into¬† that actually feeds into the whole “don’t use moisturizer if you’ve got oily skin” is that people seem to be under the impression that all moisturizers are the same. There’s actually many different formulations of moisturizers with a multitude of purposes. The main division between the formulation of different moisturizers is actually skin type being that there’s a different type of moisturizer for every type of skin.

A bit of a stranger myth that I found in my research was that some people say you can get addicted to lip balm. The overall research shows that’s just plain not true. If people find themselves or someone else applying lip balm a little more often than you think they should then realistically they probably need to change lip balm because that specific brand may not be working for your lips specifically.