Is The Wet Shave Close To Extinction?

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For all the men out there, when was the last time you had a wet shave? Is the art of shaving dying out? I for one haven’t had one in quite a long time. How about you?

What is the reason for this relatively sudden drop in use of shaving cream and a traditional razor. There are many reasons which I will try to explain.

The first is that people aren’t just using an alternate method of shaving – they just aren’t shaving at all. The phase of growing out your facial hair and sporting a beard is truly upon us and it seems as if it is here to stay.

You can’t walk down the street in any town in England now without spotting at least a dozen men with beards or at least medium to long length facial hair.

man shaving

This explains a big part of the problem. A further reason, that I mentioned earlier, is that people now have alternate methods of shaving and keeping their facial hair in good nick. One such method is using an electric razor. I have to raise my hand and say that I am one of the men that uses these. That provide a convenience and an ease of use that you just don’t get with a traditional razor.

Secondly, using an electric razor is incredibly quick. It can take only around two minutes to shave your entire face, whereas a wet shave usually roughly takes around 15 minutes.

These two primary reasons have meant the traditional shaving routine (cream, brush, bowl, razor) is becoming a dying breed. It’s something I hope the men in the western world soon rekindle their love for. Personally I do still love a wet shave once in a while, especially as I’ve been using a brand new shaving cream (to shave my neck and cheeks) and it does a great job. Check it out!

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