Giving Beards A Chance

Dating guys with a beard isn’t exactly something I’ve ever actively pursued. Well if we’re being honest it’s probably closer to something that I actively tried to avoid. I’ve never thought there was ever anything wrong with bearded men but it just never really stood out as something that I found particularly attractive. Let’s break down my thinking process a little bit further just so I can maybe explain myself and save myself the ire and condemnation of beard lovers and bearded men alike.

Okay guys I’ll be perfectly straight with you on this one the beard has always just sort of been a scary thing for me. I remember my pop pop’s visits from when I was little and I loved my pop pop but I when he hugged me I remember his beard would feel like a rake against my cheek. I could stick it out for pop pop but I could not for the life of me imagine willingly going for someone whose face actively reminded me of gardening equipment. Next is just the overall hygiene of the beard, that’s a lot of hair and I have a hard enough time keeping the stuff on top of my head clean and fresh I could not begin to express the concerns I had with someone keeping that much hair so close to their mouths. Especially considering the type of places I like to eat? If I’m having wings the guy I date can’t not like wings that’s just common sense right there.

Why am I talking about all this? Well the guy I’m dating has recently managed to convince me to let him grow his beard out. I thought he had just neglected to shave for a little while but ‘twas all a ruse to lull me into a false sense of security. But I admit he seemed to be putting a lot of work into making sure it grows properly and he apparently also assured me that it’s never going to feel like any sort of lawn maintenance device. He really does keep his beard nice and neat using oils and other beard care products; this scented beard oil smells amazing I can almost get over the fact that the amazing smell is coming from what is essentially a fuzzy animal on his face. But he’s been really sweet and I’d feel bad not at least giving him a chance to prove my fears unfounded. Also if we ever get into an argument I figured out that I can yank on it to get him down to eye level. Is that a little rough? Maybe. But it’s his own fault for growing a giant weak point so easy to reach.