How to get the most out of your Makeup Spray

Setting Spray is an indispensable part of the makeup routine of many women. Although due to certain “makeup experts” claiming that primer is all you’ll need Setting Spray is often overlooked pretty often by a number of women. That’s not a good idea and here’s why. Although Primers will do a good job of keeping your makeup in place there’s still a chance that it won’t be enough to survive the entire day. Setting spray serves as what we would call added insurance further lowering the possibilities of smudging or fading and other possible makeup challenges. If you don’t like having to run to the ladies room every couple of hours to touch up your makeup then you should probably look into working setting spray into your daily makeup regiment.

You’ve seen the light and want to incorporate makeup fixier spray into your daily makeup routine. Great! If you have no idea how to proceed though then fret not as we’ve got you covered.

First things first picking the right Setting Spray for you comes down to one thing for the most part. This deciding factor is your skin type. As with most makeup products the decision of what variety to buy boils down to what kind of skin you have and in this case it’s divided primarily into two types of skin. The first type is dry skin and if you have it then we recommend that you purchase a Setting Spray that has moisturizing properties AND doesn’t have alcohol as an ingredient. The alcohol will most probably just dry out your skin and more the moisturizing property is pretty self-explanatory. The other skin type that you might fall into would be combination skins/oily skins (we know those are two but it’s easier to classify them together when it comes to Setting Spray). If this is you then as long as you avoid products that have oil in their formulation you should be good to go.

Applying setting spray is extremely straight forward. After you’ve finished all your other makeup steps just shake the Setting Spray bottle and hold it about 7 inches or so away from your face CLOSE YOUR EYES and spray away. Make sure to get your whole face covered in the spray to ensure everything sits perfectly and let the spray rest on your face for about a minute. Don’t worry about applying too much, feel free to repeat the process once or twice to ensure you get everything sprayed.