How to Keep Your Beard In Check

Sorry once again for the delay. The last month or so has been incredibly busy for us.

We’ve finally finished what we think will turn out to be an incredibly well received post. Our first full article, all about the art and practice of shaving, seemed to be enjoyed by a great deal of people.

With that in mind, we decided next to write about a similar subject – beards… and more importantly, how to properly treat and look after them. In this blog we do our best to represent most normal folk. In the male population, a good amount of folks are clean shaven (in some cases for most of their careers).

But it wouldn’t be magazine by folk if we didn’t touch upon the other side – the facial hair and bearded half of the population. This is a subject quite dear to my heart to be honest. Although I no longer have a beard, I did have one during a key part of my life in my late twenties and early thirties. Those were the days!

With great beard comes great responsibility. What I mean by this is that in most cases, keeping your beard in good shape takes a good deal of time and effort.

man combing beard

Personally, I had to dedicate a good twenty minutes a day on mine when I had one. I had a certain daily ritual that I will explain to you now…

As soon as I woke up in the morning and jumped into the shower I would always begin by applying beard wash to my beard. I’d rub it together in my hands until it made a light lather, then work through my beard, and let it sit for a few minutes until I rinsed it out.

After my shower, I’d dry off my beard with a towel, and apply a drop or two of beard oil to be my beard. This is a product that is incredibly fashionable nowadays, but when I told my friends that I used it back in the 90s they all thought I was weird!

I loved the stuff though, and used to work the oil through my beard with a comb. It’s not too hard to find a decent oil and wash, but a good comb can be hard to come by.

Recently I found and purchased this beard comb for my son (who is now in turn growing a beard of his own) and he tells me that it is excellent.

So to conclude, follow these tips that I have laid out and you will have a luscious and well groomed beard in no time!