My trip!

I am so excited to be back writing another article! I know, I’ve been back from my road trip for two weeks, but getting back into the swing of things back home has been surprisingly difficult! If you didn’t know, I spent an entire month driving around the country with Sandra in her family’s campervan. We had a bucket list longer than the days we were on the road, but we managed to tick most of them off… Including swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, climbing a mountain, and camping in the middle of nowhere. The last one was more Sandra’s choice, not mine, and it would consume an entire post on it’s own! A brief look? We, very unsurprisingly, got lost and ended up wandering down the side of a road in the wrong direction trying to find the van. San rolled her ankle, and we ended up hitchhiking. Well, the woman offered, after she saw the parked van on the side of the road and assumed we were the two idiots looking for it. Thank goodness we weren’t murdered. I think San was worried I was starting to get… snappy.

The one issue I didn’t expect to encounter was the heat. When are we all going to wake up on global warming guys? It was a scorching month, and the van’s air cooling could not keep up. I know this might sound incredibly dumb, but for some reason I thought that all that sweating would moisturise my skin? Is that just thick? I was feeling papery, if not always red and itchy. Looking back at our photos, I somehow looked red and dull. That was my absolute first thing to do when I got back, because the moisturiser I brought with me ran out and I kept forgetting to replace it. It was just cheap too, and I needed a solution fast. We had popped into a Lloyds in one of the towns we visited, and I noticed a skincare brand called Q+A. The bright colours jumped off the shelf at me. But of course we were just there for toothpaste, with a fast descending sun outside, and bolted before I could get a proper look.

Image result for lloyds pharmacy

My sister took me out for brunch the day after we got back, kindly paying as I had blown my savings on fuel and microwave meals. She suggested I get something with hyaluronic acid, as that was supposed to be amazing for dry skin. She could tell me about her one, but it also has lavender and I hate the smell of lavender so I had to do a little more research myself. The people in Superdrug weren’t very helpful when I went into store, so one night after my dinner I went back on the Lloyds website, wondering if I’d find a good one, and satiate some curiosity about that Q+A brand. Turns out, they do a hyaluronic acid serum! I though it must be fate so bought it. And boy is it has to be the best hyaluronic acid serum at that price point! So cheap! My skin looked radiant within days, even though I was sitting inside on my computer editing all those photos! At least I finally had a reference of what I should have looked like. Not making that mistake again!

But I promised you stories, so before I upload a video on my channel talking about my favourite moments, I’ll give you a little sneak peak.

Imagine this… San and I were having dinner in this little town at a sweet pub on the edge of a nature reserve. Best meal I had the entire trip! Garlic butter chicken with green beans and a goats cheese, fruit and nut side. Decadent. I was so engrossed in this meal Sandra could’ve gotten up for a wee and come back before I even noticed. Not to mention the three glasses of wine.

After we’d payed, we were just keen to be back in the van ready for bed. It was about a three minute walk, well within eyeshot of the pub in the light of day. But it wasn’t in the carpark when we arrived. San was clicking the car keys like she was having a fit, waiting for the lights to flash. We were checking behind poles like it wasn’t a literal van we were looking for. It was pitch dark though, so I guess there was no harm in trying.

And we were panicking. How do you lose a van?? We were in the middle of nowhere, the pub had been locked up, and the phone signal was E at best. We were running around, almost yelling at each other of who hadn’t locked the doors, or if we were even in the right place… Did we park on the other side of the pub? No, we had taken a photo of the van in front of this sign that had made us laugh… ‘No Hippies’. The sign was there… so where was the van? And then, look this gets a little ridiculous, as I was looking at the park next to the carpark (don’t ask why, I was beside myself in fear and would’ve looked under a rock if you’d asked me) and tripped on a branch I didn’t see. I also didn’t see how steeply the park just dipped into a hill. I went right over, and started tumbling. The phone torch was going crazy, I was screaming, and San started running after me, it was a real comedy moment where I thought I might actually die. Stopped rolling at the bottom, San checked over me, and we sighed at the thought of walking back up.

Sandra clicked the keys one last time in frustration…. And a light flashed. Get this, the van had tipped over the hill and rolled down into the trees, miraculously managing to avoid anything that could damage it. The incline had evened out and the van stopped at a fallen tree trunk that buffered it. Some scratches, nothing more. The checked through and nothing had been moved. It’s just one of those instances you probably don’t want an explanation for, but are just happy its resolved.

So there’s your story! Tune into my channel this week for more details and mishaps!!