Something for the Moustache Folk

Let’’s face it – there are many folk out there with great big beards. I have nothing against them, but the beards on the larger side sometimes put me on the defensive and make me feel slightly uncomfortable.

Whenever I find myself speaking to someone with a gigantic beard I often think that some wild animal is floating in mid air and is primed to attack me.

I also tried growing a large beard myself at one point, but honestly I didn’t really like it. Despite this I am still a huge fan of facial hair in general.

Lighter beards, that are closer to stubble than a furry animal are more up my street. My favourite part of these types of beards is the mustache. Anyone who knows me would have seen mine in all it’s majesty. It’s the pride and joy of my face (I often call it that too).

waxing your moustache

Many people ask me what I do to keep my mustache in such tip-top condition. The truth is that keeping it in shape isn’t elaborate or even difficult – It’s just all about consistency and discipline in the grooming department.

Quite often I will give my mustache a little trim on a daily basis. When you pay proper attention, you’ll be incredibly surprised to see how much the little hairs can grow in just 24 hours! For this reason, I like to keep on top of it and often have a snip once a day.

After that, moustache wax is what I’m grabbing from my bathroom cabinet. I honestly couldn’t live without this stuff. I quite often find myself just slipping it into my trouser pocket and keeping it with me all day – just in case I need a little fine-tuning at some point during work, or when seeing friends in the evening.

If you’re just starting to grow a mustache then please heed my advice – get some wax! It will do wonders.